The countdown to Christmas just got sweeter. Follow these steps to unlock the cookie of the day, send virtual cookies to friends, and win the grand prize on December 25th.

How to Play

  1. Open a new door each day to reveal a holiday cookie. Each door opened earns you one ballot toward our daily prize and the grand prize.
  2. Click again for the recipe and a virtual cookie. Eat the virtual cookie! Or, in the spirit of giving, send it to a friend on Facebook.
  3. Whether you eat your cookie or give it away, you’re entered in a draw to win a real batch of the day’s cookie. We’ll send the cookies, freshly baked, to the winner’s door.
  4. Miss a day? Unfortunately, each door locks after 24 hours, so you won’t get a ballot. However, you can still access any recipe once it has been revealed.
  5. We’ll alert the daily and grand prize winners via email. Good Luck!